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O „Zakazanej psychologii” w Truth Frequency Radio

Na zaproszenie Susan Lindauer o „Zakazanej psychologii” w Truth Frequency Radio. Dziękujemy Susan za zaproszenie do audycji!Featured Image -- 289

FORBIDDEN PSYCHOLOGY: Covert Report w/ Dr. Zatonski

In an exhilerating interview, my guest today, Dr. Zatonski shares his upcoming book, “Forbidden Psychology”– which rips pages out of the sacred Diagnostic Manual, and pillories the overreach of psychiatric labeling in ordinary life. Dr. Zatonski argues that one of the worst impacts of psychology is how it removes responsibility for personal actions and decision-making by creating a “disease” category for every possible normal life condition, and pushing psychotropic drugs to exaggerate its medical credentials. An English translation is scheduled for release by Brown Walker Press. In this riveting interview, Dr. Zatonski explores the dark sides of psychology, the „science” which has attempted to penetrate almost all areas of our lives. It is a must read for everybody who is studying psychology, or considering therapy. Dr. Zatonski shows which parts of psychology are built on hard fundamentals and which on the sand. Our interview provides a comprehensive look at mistakes, frauds and abuses of academic psychology, psychotherapy, and its degenerate forms, what he calls “psycho-business.” In today’s interview, Dr. Zatonski cites the newly created diagnosis for “oppositional defiance disorder” to illustrate how easily ordinary lifestyle choices can be abused, and the propensity of clinical psychologists to invent abnormalities from normal life behavior, and to project their own cultural expectations and value systems onto their so-called “patients.” Dr. Zatonski shows how the over-images (1)reach of psychiatry has moved at an alarming pace, pushing into new frontiers, like custody disputes, a child’s performance in the classroom, whereby a great deal of harm is being done in support of “psycho-business.”

via FORBIDDEN PSYCHOLOGY: Covert Report w/ Dr. Zatonski.



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