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Recenzja „Psychology Led Astray” w „Skeptical Inquirer”


Mam zaszczyt poinformować, że recenzja mojej nowej książki Psychology Led Astray: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy  ukazała się w bieżącym numerze (January/February 2017) Skeptical Inquirer – flagowym czasopiśmie The Commitee for Skeptical Inquiry. W kolumnie “New & Notable” przeczytamy:

PSYCHOLOGY LED ASTRAY: Cargo Cult in Science and Therapy.
Tomasz Witkowski with a foreword by James E. Alcock.
Psychologist Witkowski follows up his 2015 book Psychology Gone Wrong (with M. Zatonski) with this second part of what he says will be a trilogy devoted to the dark side of psychology. It examines the many problems that plague modern psychological research and psychotherapeutic practice. He critiques problems in statistical significance, over-generalization of findings from neuroscience, and uncontrolled experiments on humans, and he picks apart a number of questionable practices in the treatment of children, including the pseudoscience of educational kinesiology, attachment therapy, trauma debriefing, Facilitated Communication, Dolphin Therapy, and so on. In his Foreword Alcock calls this “a very important and valuable book” and praises the author for not just his critical examinations of shortcomings in psychology but for his support of the value of evidence-based psychology.
BrownWalker Press, 2016, 276 pp., $29.95.






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